Haute couture microfibre pour l'horlogerie

Keller Trading SA or Haute Couture for the horology, was founded in 1991 by Babette Keller. The family company developed microfibre for the watch industry, the fine jewellery sector and for jewellery. Babette Keller discovered that the traditional fabric can alter precious metals, namely : scratching, spread out scratches, in short : leaves residues and dust on watch parts. The microfibres selected by Keller Trading compensate these recurring problems.

Microfiber is a much more efficient textile made of polyester and nylon. It consists of hundreds of micro threads 100 times thinner than a hair, which gently scrape all surfaces, loose dirt and cling dust, which attribute their remarkable qualities for cleaning and polishing. Humid, it has a strong capacity which, thanks to the size and the selection of fibers, allows an optimal scraping and streak-free absorbation. Our range of products, including polishing cloths, presentation gloves, covers and protective cases, is entirely made in the workshops in Bienne. Nowdays it serves more than 2,000 clients worldwide.

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Haute couture pour l'industrie Babette Keller - Prix Veuve Clicquot de la femme d'affaires 2009
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