Microfiber Carbon Cleaner for engines

Carbon Cleaner

The carbon cleaner is a revolutionary microfibre product, based of 50% carbon fibres, 30% polyester and 20% nylon. The qualities of carbon fibre are numerous. One of the most unknown is its antibacterial property, which gives the textile a wet non-proliferation of bacteria caused when used in wet and hot.

Use with detergent or simply with water to clean all types of porcelaine, glass, metal, plastic, tile surfaces etc. requiering an unblemished sanitation and an unique neatness where hygiene needs to be rigorous, such as : hospital, hotel, sports community, school building, public pool, industrial environment, in the nautical or automobile industry.

50% carbon fibers / 30% polyester / 20% nylon
washable at 60° without softener. Does not loose its properties after washes.
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